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Given Names: John  Family Name: Plantagenet
Known As: Lackland
Titles: King of England (1199 - 1216)
Beaumont Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire, England
(Age 50, Natural Causes)
  English/Scottish Royal Blood: 100%   [?] Buried: Worcester Cathedral, Hereford and Worcester, England
Father: King Henry II 5 Mar 1133 - 6 Jul 1189
Mother: Eleanor of Aquitaine 1122 - 1 Apr 1204
Marriage: Isabel of Gloucester About 1170 - About 18 Nov 1217
  Date: 29 Aug 1189 His Age: 23 Her Age: 20
  Place:  Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
  Annulled: 1200
  None listed
Marriage: Isabel of Angouleme 1186 - 31 May 1246
  Date: 24 Aug 1200 His Age: 34 Her Age: 15
  Place:  Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France
+9  King Henry III 10 Oct 1206 - 16 Nov 1272
+8  Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall and King of the Romans 5 Jan 1209 - 2 Apr 1272
+0  Joan Plantagenet Dec 1213 - 4 Mar 1238
+4  Isabella Plantagenet 1214 - 1 Dec 1241
+7  Eleanor Plantagenet 1215 - 13 Apr 1275
Affair: Unknown Partner
+2  Joan Plantagenet ? - 2 Feb 1237
Events: Accession to English throne 6 Apr 1199 Unknown place
  Coronation 27 May 1199 Westminster Abbey, London, England

  • King John was styled as, "Joannes Rex Angliae et Dominus Hiberniae, Dux Normaniae et Aquitaniae et Comes Andigaviae."
  • Crowned by Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • John's first marriage was an"ed on the grounds of consanguinity.
  • John was not particularly religious, even before being excommunicated. Once while John was hunting, a large stag was killed. "What a fine life that animal has had, and yet it has never heard holy Mass."
  • John had a drooping left eye, as did his son Henry III, and grandson Edward I.
  • Died of dysentery.
  • King John was, of course, the title character in Shakespeare's play King John, which is better theatre than history but much better history than his Richard III. King Philip of France says to John, during a parley: "But thou from loving England art so far That thou hast under-wrought his lawful king, Cut off the sequence of posterity, Outfaced infant state, and done a rape Upon the maiden virtue of the crown." King John Act 2, scene 1
  • Portrayed by Claude Rains in the 1938 film, "The Adventures of Robin Hood."
  • Portrayed by Guy Rolfe in the 1952 film, "Ivanhoe."
  • Portrayed, as Prince John, by Hubert Gregg in the 1952 film, "The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men."
  • Portrayed by Hubert Gregg, Brian Haines, and Donald Pleasance in the 1955-58 television series, "The Adventures of Robin Hood."
  • Portrayed by Nigel Terry in the 1968 film, "Lion in Winter".
  • Portrayed by John Duttine in the 1978 BBC-2 series, "The Devil's Crown."

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