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King Edward I (Hammer of the Scots) > Biography

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Given Names: Edward  Family Name: Plantagenet
Known As: Hammer of the Scots, Longshanks
Titles: Earl of Chester (1254 cr)
  King of England (1272 - 1307)
Westminster, London, England
Burgh-by-Sands, Cumbria, England
(Age 68, Natural Causes)
  English/Scottish Royal Blood: 100%   [?] Buried: Westminster Abbey, London, England
Father: King Henry III 10 Oct 1206 - 16 Nov 1272
Mother: Eleanor of Provence 1222 - 24 Jun 1291
Marriage: Eleanor of Castile About 1241 - 28 Nov 1290
  Date: 18 Oct 1254 His Age: 15 Her Age: 10
  Place:  Burgos, Castile and Leon, Spain
+0  Unnamed baby Born & died: 1255
+0  Katherine Plantagenet About 1262 - 5 Sep 1264
+0  Joan Plantagenet Jan 1265 - Before 7 Sep 1265
+0  John Plantagenet About 13 Jul 1266 - 3 Aug 1271
+0  Henry Plantagenet About 6 May 1268 - 14 Oct 1274
+3  Eleanor Plantagenet About 18 Jun 1269 - 19 Aug 1298
+0  Unnamed baby Born & died: 1271
+9  Joan of Acre 1272 - 23 Apr 1307
+0  Alphonso Plantagenet, Earl of Chester 24 Nov 1273 - 19 Aug 1284
+1  Margaret Plantagenet About 15 Mar 1275 - After 11 Mar 1333
+0  Berengaria Plantagenet 1 May 1276 - About Jun 1278
+0  Unknown 9th daughter of King Edward I Born & died: About 3 Jan 1278
+0  Mary Plantagenet 11 Mar 1279 - 29 May 1332
+0  Unknown 4th son of King Edward I Born & died: About 1280
+11  Elizabeth Plantagenet 7 Aug 1282 - 5 May 1316
+4  King Edward II 25 Apr 1284 - 21 Sep 1327
  (The number to the left of each offspring indicates the total number of children for that person.)
Marriage: Margaret of France 1282 - 14 Feb 1317
  Date: 8 Sep 1299 His Age: 60 Her Age: 18
  Place:  Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England
+4  Thomas of Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk 1 Jun 1300 - Aug 1338
+4  Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent 5 Aug 1301 - 19 Mar 1330
+0  Eleanor Plantagenet 4 May 1306 - 1311
Affair: Unknown Partner
+0  John Botetourt ? - 1324
Events: Accession to English throne 16 Nov 1272 Unknown place
  Coronation 19 Aug 1274 Westminster Abbey, London, England

  • King Edward was styled as, "Rex Angliae, Dominus Hiberniae, et Dux Aquitaniae."
  • Edward was crowned by Robert Kilwardby, Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • The Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey was made for Edward in 1299.
  • Edward's left eyelid drooped slightly, which he inherited from his father Henry III. He also spoke with a slight stammer.
  • Edward was the most well-travelled king since Richard I, going on crusade (from 1270 to 1274) before he became king, and travelling through Italy on his way home.
  • Like many Plantagenet kings, Edward occasionally displayed a bad temper. He is said to have thrown his daughter Elizabeth's coronet into the fire at her wedding; the privy purse account read, "to make good a ruby and an emerald lost out of the coronet, when the King's grace was pleased to throw it behind the fire." At another wedding, he supposedly hit one of his squires on the head so severely that he paid L13 6s 8d in settlement.
  • Throughout his life, Edward was known for his luck. When he was a boy, he leaped up from a chess game with his knights; seconds later, a large stone fell from the ceiling, exactly where Edward had been sitting.
  • Click here for Wikipedia article.

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