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Sample Results

If you were signed in, and had viewed the biography pages of at least two individuals, you would now be able to calculate the kinship between any two people.

Here are some interesting results (as calculated on 20 May 2011, and subject to change as more gaps are filled in the database).

Prince William of Wales (Duke of Cambridge) is:

Charles, Prince of Wales is:

Queen Elizabeth II is:

King George VI was:

King Edward VIII was:

King George V was:

King Edward VII was:

Queen Victoria was:

King William IV was:

King George IV was:

King George III was:

Frederick, Prince of Wales (father of King George III) was:

King George II was:

King George I was:

Queen Anne was:

Queen Mary II was:

King James II was:

King Charles II was:

King Charles I was:

King James I was:

Queen Elizabeth I was:

Queen Mary I was:

Lady Jane Grey was:

King Edward VI was:

King Henry VIII was:

King Henry VII was:

King Richard III was:

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