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Katharine Fraser, Mistress of Saltoun is in a shaded box in the centre column : you may need to scroll down to see this, or just click here.

To make efficient use of screen space, the family tree is presented vertically instead of in the normal horizontal format. If sufficient information is available in the database, the tree contains 5 generations: from the grandparents of the selected person in the left-most column, to the person's grandchildren/grandnephews/grandnieces in the right-most column.

Siblings are presented in chronological order where possible. The two main exceptions are that the selected person's father is always listed after his siblings, and the selected person's mother is always listed before her siblings.

Marriage details are indicated by, for example, m.2 (1453), which indicates that this is the person's 2nd partner and the marriage took place in the year 1453.

Click any name to re-draw the tree with that person at the centre. Click a person's dates to see the corresponding biography page.

When you rest your cursor on any name, a small label should appear describing that person's relationship to the selected person. Please note that this feature may not work in all versions of all browsers.

Alexander Ramsay
(1881 - 1972)
m.1 (1919)
Patricia Saxe-Coburg
(1886 - 1974)

Alexander Ramsay
(1919 - 2000)
    m.1 (1956)
Flora Fraser, 21st Lady Saltoun
(1930 - )

Katharine Fraser, Mistress of Saltoun
(1957 - )
        m.1 (1980)
Mark Nicolson
(1954 - )

Louise Nicolson
(1984 - )

Juliet Nicolson
(1988 - )

Alexander Fraser
(1990 - )

Alice Ramsay
(1961 - )
        m.1 (1990)
David Ramsey
(1960 - )

Alexander Ramsey
(1991 - )

Victoria Ramsey
(1994 - )

George Ramsey
(1995 - )

Oliver Ramsey
(1995 - )

Elizabeth Ramsay
(1963 - )

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